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  • Love's education warms the heart: a complete set of 8 picture books. This is a series of heart-warming parent-child picture books that covers the many issues that young children may encounter as they grow up.Book Titles included: 我的爸爸是英雄,,爷爷的苹果树,爱哭的小公主 and many more!!
  • Made for Dad! The original "Father and Son Comic Audiobook (Selected)" is here! A masterpiece handed down by German comic masters, a world classic that has sold well for 80 years!Synchronous primary school second grade teaching + more than 240 point reading voice + exquisite comics, humorous dialogue, full of fun; 43 warm stories, 17 parenting tips, don't let father miss the good time with children!If there is only one comic book for children to read in their life, it must be "Father and Son"! German comic master Braun's handed down classic "Father and Son" Since it came out in 1934, it has many fans all over the world.
  • This series is a collection of the best Idioms stories that have been published in the "你编我画" section of the monthly magazine "哥妹俩". Through a fun and light-hearted cartoon presentation, children can effectively learn and master more Chinese idioms.
  • All 8 volumes.A selection of excellent short and medium fairy tales from eight writers is assembled into a volume. These stories are lively, interesting and full of interest, which are very in line with children's reading habits and can make children fall in love with reading.Book Titles Included: 小巴掌童话,耳朵逃跑了,胖小猪的春天 and many more!!
  • This set of books uses a vivid and interesting way to help children learn and memorize, help children learn Chinese characters, and quickly enrich their vocabulary. The stories are designed and written, and there is a word under each story. Solitaire games help children accumulate more vocabulary!
  • All 20 volumes of classic fairy tale picture book bilingual series.Bilingual with English, Chinese (hanyu pinyin). The graphics are vivid. Pinyin phonetic, even if parents accompany their children to read, but also allow children to read by themselves. Vivid graphics Perfect as bedtime stories.Book Titles included: 白雪公主,丑小鸭,青蛙王子 and many more!!
  • A set of 16 picture books. It is characterized of refined expressions, vivid illustration, and English-Chinese form; children can comprehend the fables implied meaning as well as learn English during reading. It is recommended for those kids who are currently studying Chinese.
  • Pinyin is really fun pop-up book children's 3d pop-up book baby Chinese pinyin learning artifact enlightenment cognitive organ flip book picture book story book 3-6 years old young children connect preschool first grade spelling basic training.3D stereo effect, colorful illustrations, cute and vivid images, fully mobilize children's hands, eyes, mouth, brain, and comprehensive understanding of pinyin. Through syllable prompts and spelling examples, children can easily master the rules of spelling.
  • A full set of 30 volumes with 30 topics on emotional intelligence management, 22 pages/volume, 2~3 short stories in each volume. This series of books describes various emotions in vivid picture scenes and guides children to manage their emotions in a simple and feasible way. This is a good set of picture books for parent-child reading.Book Titles included: 自己的事情自己做, 我不哭闹, 我不攀比 and many more!!
  • ⭐ Bilingual audio talking book 会说话的早教有声书 Children Book Sound Book Early cognitive Learning ⭐ When the child presses the corresponding sound position with his hand, it will make a sound and read aloud in English and Chinese ⭐ 12 Topics / 374 Audio buttons
  • Classic fable three-dimensional picture book. Cute illustrations and interesting three-dimensional structures can also bring visual enjoyment and shock, giving children a situational reading experience.It tells the tragic story of a little girl who went out to sell matches on Christmas Eve, and then froze to death on the street on this night when the rich family was happy and toasting together.
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