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2nd Prize worth S$428

One Term MOE Chinese Program + Youdao Pocket Printer + EliteKid Goodie Bag

3rd Prize worth S$228

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Most Like Winners

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Contest Timeline

  • Submission Period: 21-31 July 2022

  • Voting Period: 6-18 August 2022

  • Result Announcement: 21 Aug 2022

Contest Categories

  • Pre-School (4-6 YO): 3 Top Prizes

  • Lower Primary (P1-P3): 3 Top Prizes

  • Upper Primary (P4-P6): 3 Top Prizes

  • 10 Consolation Prizes across 3 levels

  • Sure-Win Participation Gift for the Rest of the Participants

Contest Guidelines

A. Video Guidelines

  1. Video Duration:
    • Preschool (4-6 YO) @ 30-60 seconds
    • Lower & Upper Primary (P1-P6) @ 60-90 seconds
    • Kid should speak throughout the whole video with at least half-body shot.
    • May submit supplementary materials related to content (such as photos, videos of the places or objects mentioned). EliteKid will edit these materials into the video as deem suitable.
  2. Video Format: Portrait (Recommended to use SmartPhone)
  3. Language: At least 80% in Chinese

B. Content Guidelines

  • Introduction of yourself (我叫什么名字,今年几岁 …)
  • Share what you like about Singapore (我喜欢新加坡的 …)
  • Why you like it / 因为 …
  • End with a wish for Singapore or how you hope Singapore will become /我希望新加坡 …
  • Anything else you want to say (Freestyle): 自由发挥
  • Possible topic ideas include (but not limited to): fun places / people / food/ Fun stuff (好玩的、好吃的、好去处、喜欢的人)
  • As creative as possible
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Judging Criteria

  • Originality & Creativity: 40%
  • Mandarin Expression Skill (Fluency & Accuracy): 30%
  • Alignment & Relevancy with Theme: 15%
  • Wow Factor: 15%

Registration Form

Step 1: Submit this registration form to indicate your participation

Step 2: Send us the video(s) or link (such as Google Drive / Dropbox) that contains the video(s) via WA to 8831 8578 before 31 Jul 2022