Detective Adventure Program


Chinese Detective Adventure Program

Program Period: 4 Oct – 11 Nov 2023
Frequency: Once a week
Days: Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun
Class time: Refer to timetable (90 minutes)

❗ Full Program
S$158 (6 sessions)



Does your kid feel shy and refuse to speak up in Chinese?

This Chinese program is specially designed in a similar framework of script game or ‘script kill’ in China, and adapts the event plot from the famous children stories, turning the kids to a detective to help them in expressing thoughts and creativity in Chinese.

Our engaging teacher will bring the kids through the interesting story line, every unique role in the story, and progressively unveil the clues and hints for kids to work together immediately in solving the puzzle & mystery.

Such training will help the kid to expand their creativities and vocabularies in Chinese, which is the foundation in Chinese writing and oral skills.


What Kids will Master through this Program?

  • Introduce story background – Read aloud with Confidence

  • Role introduction – Express Structurally

  • Icebreaker game – Socialiasing

  • Theater session – Stay Focus & Alert

  • Puzzle solving – Logical & Creative Thinking

  • Maze Game – Teamwork Spirit

  • Achieve Missions Together – Build Confidence

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