Chinese (MOE Aligned) vs Panda Chinese

As you know, Elitekid provides MOE Chinese Syllabus Aligned Program starting Jan 2022, as an additional option on top of the current Panda Chinese Program.

So what is the difference between the 2 programmes? Not sure whether to choose Panda Chinese or the new MOE curriculum Chinese? Read our comparisons below.

MOE Chinese Syllabus Aligned Program

MOE Aligned Program is suitable for kids who need support in mastering the school Chinese curriculum, as the lesson will focus on solidifying and expanding what is taught in school.

  • Aligned to Singapore MOE’s CL & HCL syllabus, covering all the necessary vocabs & characters in each chapter

  • Emphasized on key vocabularies acquisition of each chapter & assist in dictation (生词掌握 & 听写操练)

  • Focused on oral skill drilling & sentence constructions (口试训练 & 造句指导)

  • Guidance on applying the vocabularies learned and use in daily conversations (词语运用)

In short, it is a good learning buddy & tutor for the kid’s school curriculum.

However, do note that MOE’s Chinese syllabus is geared towards daily communication level, so the exposure to “fanciful” 🌈 vocabs or idioms is relatively lesser.

Panda Chinese

Suitable for kids with a stronger proficiency in Chinese, able to cope with school syllabus and looking to excel more.

  • Covers a wider spectrum of content such as stories, idioms and cultures, exposing kids to more “fanciful” vocabularies

  • Difficulty level is between China & Singapore’s MOE standard

  • Native language exposure and improve kids’ overall Chinese proficiency holistically.

In short, it is an enrichment program that enhances the kid’s Chinese above school curriculum.

Hope it helps to clear some doubts. If you have any other queries, feel free to always contact us.